An MKHC Patient Pays It Forward

1/31/21 - Maria, a hairstylist until COVID, is an uninsured patient at Kaseman Health Clinic. She turned 41 years old, and Kaseman helped schedule her first screening mammogram. To her surprise, the test showed a suspicious mass and she needed a breast biopsy. Without health insurance, the test would cost her $1800. Maria began borrowing money from friends to cover the costs. Kaseman staff reached out to our partner Adventist HealthCare. With funding through the Brem Foundation, Maria received a free biopsy, and the results were negative for cancer.  Ecstatic and relieved, saying the day she received the results was one of the happiest of her life, Maria made a financial donation to help another Clinic patient who might face the same situation. Kaseman Clinic is proud to be part of our patients' happy days!

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