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An MKHC Patient Pays It Forward

1/31/21 - Maria, a hairstylist until COVID, is an uninsured patient at Kaseman Health Clinic. She turned 41 years old, and Kaseman helped schedule her first screening mammogram. To her surprise, the test showed a suspicious mass and she needed a breast biopsy. Without health insurance, the test would cost her $1800. Maria began borrowing money from friends to cover the costs. Kaseman staff reached out to our partner Adventist HealthCare. With funding through the Brem Foundation, Maria received a free biopsy, and the results were negative for cancer.  Ecstatic and relieved, saying the day she received the results was one of the happiest of her life, Maria made a financial donation to help another Clinic patient who might face the same situation. Kaseman Clinic is proud to be part of our patients' happy days!


CMR now Community Reach of Montgomery County!

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, at CMR's Annual Gala, CMR Board President Paul Love and CMR Executive Director Agnes Saenz unveiled our new name - Community Reach of Montgomery County! This change has been several years in the making and occurred with input from the Board, key stakeholders and faith supporters. Community Ministries of Rockville has served us well for many years and was an accurate description of who we were and the world in which we lived. The new name better reflects current times, and the services we provide to our constituents who come for all over Montgomery County.

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