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Established 2009         

Proud to be a member organization of Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar

Providing healthcare and health education for

underserved Montgomery County adult residents. 

Services include primary health care, specialty health services,

pharmacy and lab tests.


To provide quality, culturally appropriate primary medical care, preventive services, patient navigation, and referrals to specialty care to Montgomery County adult residents who are medically underserved.


All medically underserved residents of the community will have access to quality care in a comprehensive health care center.




In May 2004, Community Ministries of Rockville (now Community Reach of Montgomery County) founded the Mansfield Kaseman Health Program (MKHP) in response to the need for increasing access to primary healthcare services for uninsured and underinsured adults in Greater Rockville. Initially, MKHP offered four hours of clinical service at one location in the community through services provided by Mobile Medical Car, Inc. and additional “wrap-around” services of counseling, training, education and patient services provided by our own staff.

Over the next four years, clinic service hours expanded and we offered 12 hours of service per week at two Rockville locations: Crusader Lutheran Church and Lincoln Community Center. These two centers had a patient roll of nearly 500 and provided 1,300 patient visits per year.  Almost thirty per cent of the patients lived within the boundaries of the City of Rockville.

After conducting a feasibility study in 2007 that validated the need, we began the process of developing a permanent clinic for the uninsured. In 2009, we obtained a $250,000 matching grant through the State of Maryland Bond Bill to support clinic construction and build-out. With critical support and a $250,000 grant from Montgomery County through the Primary Care Coalition, we opened the Mansfield Kaseman Health Clinic (MKHC) at its current location in 2010.

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