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How to Help

Every year hundreds of volunteers donate thousands of hours to help Reach fulfill its mission of improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable residents of Montgomery County.  Just a few hours a week or a month can make a difference in someone's life.  Do you speak Spanish or another language? Can you hammer a nail, work a computer, or like to work with children?  These are just a few skills donated by our volunteers.  Enrich your life by helping others.  Consider volunteering in one of our areas of service. We make every effort not only to accommodate the schedules of our volunteers but to match their interests with an appropriate job.

Why We Need You

Montgomery County is the wealthiest county in Maryland and one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. It can be easy to live here and ignore those who have been the most adversely affected by economic disparities. The statistics, however, are hard to ignore. In Montgomery County alone, there is estimated to be close to 60,000 uninsured residents without access to health care; 23,000 children live below the poverty line; and 647 are experiencing homelessness. As the economic disparity between the wealthy and those in the middle class and below grows, the demand for services is constant. The statistics of those served by Reach in our Fiscal Year 2019 are impressive: MKHC treated 1,146 residents and provided 3,259 patient visits. REAP provided financial assistance to 336 residents and 234 referrals for services. LOP served 559 adults and 111 children. Senior Reach helped 52 senior residents of Rockville remain in their homes. Rockland House celebrated five years of providing housing for women who would otherwise be homeless. We also organized 328 Thanksgiving meals, for Montgomery County residents and toys for the holidays to 335 children. All of our work was accomplished with the help of dedicated volunteers and the support of our community. Thank you!

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