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Jefferson House Gets a New Kitchen Thanks to Clark Construction

At the end of August, a bright blue Clark Construction trailer was delivered to the Jefferson House so Clark Vice President Steve Hughes and Senior Supervisor Hale Chopp could fill it with equipment and supplies for the complete kitchen renovation of the historic home built in 1869. On Friday, September 5, 2014 at 6:00 a.m., Hale was on site to begin demolishing the kitchen. Fourteen hour days followed. Hale's childhood friend Jeff Merritt drove each day from La Plata to work by his side. Clark employees donated time every day, some because the project sounded meaningful and some because they had worked with Hale over the years. Steve Hughes traded in his business suit and picked up tools between meetings. The kitchen was filled with the noise of power equipment, music and laughter. On September 13, the tools were put away, the floor covering was removed, and the kitchen was ready for action!

It is a beautiful kitchen. New appliances line the freshly painted walls. Hale wanted the kitchen to have a "Wow" factor and it does. Steve treated the projected like it was his own kitchen. Hundreds of hours were donated by volunteers from Clark Construction and their partners. CMR thanks master carpenter Jeff Robinson from Cooper Material Handling, Jose Zuniga from M.C. Dean Electrical, Rich Fingerman from BPFE, Brian Dalton of Green Contracting, John Kaburopulos, Chris Bradshaw, Dave Seale, Kevin Logan, Bonita Alves, Lorraine Sharer, David Schnorf, National Fire Protection, Web Electric, LLC, and Lowe's.

When Steve Hughes was asked why he said yes to that first call asking for help with the kitchen, he seemed surprised by the question. "Because it was a worth project" was his answer. The kitchen is a gift, an example of corporate and individual philanthropy at its best. THANK YOU CLARK CONSTRUCTION!