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CMR Summer Days

This is a story about a dedicated board member and volunteer who has made a difference in many CMR lives. Nancy Gray has served on CMR's Board of Directors since 2005. After retiring in 2012 from the accounting industry, Nancy wanted to get more involved with CMR and our Elderly Ministries (EM) program. She became a "friendly visitor" to one of our EM clients. Originally our Program Director paired Nancy with Mrs. W. They developed a strong relationship that continues even now that Mrs. W has moved into assisted living.

After Mrs. W. moved out of our program, Nancy was asked if she was willing to visit with another client, Mrs. M. Since April, Nancy and Mrs. M. have been sharing stories and conversation. They talk about the Redskins, who they both support, they discuss being parents, they tell stories and laugh a lot. When asked what reason she would give someone else for considering this work, Nancy says "You develop fabulous relationships." When Mrs. M. was asked why it helped her to have Nancy visit, she said "She makes me laugh. We are good pals."

Friendly visitors and friendly callers help our Elderly Ministries clients continue to feel connected to our community and keep their minds engaged. For some of our clients, our friendly callers and visitors may be the most regular conversation they have. Mrs. M. has three children who are supportive and caring. Nancy's visits provide her with the opportunity to speak with someone who is closer to a contemporary and the visits remain a source of exploration for each of them.