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Safe & Secure: Home Maintenance and Modifications Help Seniors to Age in Place

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Statistics indicate that a vast majority of the 65+ population wants to stay in their home as long as possible. However, older adults may struggle to maintain their homes on their own or complete daily activities in homes that are not designed for their changing needs. The Safe & Secure service helps seniors maintain, modify, or replace features of their home that are potentially hazardous or that they are unable to maintain on their limited incomes. These services improve quality of life for our clients and lengthen the time they are able to live independently. Seniors can remain in their communities, where they have support networks of family and friends.

Without Senior Reach's assistance, many clients would need to enter into a residential facility, which they often cannot afford and may not want. Providing aging in place support to lower income senior and disabled residents can prevent larger costs to the community, as clients who are unable to afford this kind of care and services may end up facing healthcare issues and other crises.

When a senior client needs a modification or repair in their home, they are either referred or contact Senior Reach directly with details about the issue. Our program manager then explores options and reaches out to partner companies and/or volunteers to find a solution for the client. We have a number of trusted contractors who we often partner with for larger projects and who know our program well.

Safe & Secure in Action

Mrs. G, a Senior Reach client who lives on her own with a limited income, receives home care services that help her age in place in her home in Rockville. She recently contacted Senior Reach when her refrigerator broke not long after the warranty expired, as she wasn’t sure she could afford to repair or replace the fridge on her own. As part of the Safe & Secure service, our program manager found a repairman who examined the fridge but discovered an irreparable “system failure.” He suggested contacting the company, as the malfunction was something unusual. The program manager spent numerous hours on hold with the manufacturer’s customer service to find a way to help the client secure a new fridge. He was able to get a discount on the replacement that included delivery and removal of the old appliance, and now Mrs. G can enjoy her kitchen without worrying about costs or installation.

Our most current statistics show that between July 1, 2022 - March 30, 2023, Senior Reach provided 27 seniors with 39 Safe & Secure projects (some clients had multiple projects).

These included:

● 5 plumbing services

● 3 HVAC services

● 11 HVAC safety inspections/cleanings

● 2 handy man projects

● 3 appliance repairs/replacements

● 2 electrical services

● 12 deep whole house cleanings

● 1 bathroom safety remodel

● 1 front railing installation

We believe the Safe & Secure service is an essential part of Senior Reach's mission to make aging in place easier for the vulnerable elderly population. Share this article to spread the word of the work Reach is doing!

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