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We plead the cause of those who lack adequate representation and voice in places where important political, economic and social welfare decisions are made. We seek to bring dignity and justice to our poor and powerless neighbors for the common good. We support reconciliation, peace, and access to basic human rights to improve the quality of life for the vulnerable.


  • We monitor the issues addressed by the Rockville Mayor and Council, and Montgomery County Council.

  • We serve on governmental committees at the City and County level, and coalitions working to impact the issues faced by the vulnerable in our community.

  •  At the City level, we support the Rockville Human Services Advisory Commission and coordinate the Caregiver's Coalition of Rockville. 

  • Among organizations we support at the County level,  are the Interagency Homeless Coalition, the Food Network, Community Agencies Active in Disaster, Montgomery Cares organizations, Nonprofit Montgomery.

  • We participate in the Rockville Chamber of Commerce with the goal of developing partnerships between business and human service programs.

  • We work with various Montgomery County agencies to advocate for our clients and their families.

  • We work with our non-profit partners to amplify our voice in support of the needs of our community.

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