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Volunteer Stories

At the end of August, a bright blue Clark Construction trailer was delivered to the Jefferson House so Clark Vice President Steve Hughes and Senior Supervisor Hale Chopp could fill it with equipment and supplies for the complete kitchen renovation of the historic home built in 1869. On Friday, September 5, 2014 at 6:00 a.m., Hale was on site to begin demolishing the kitchen. Fourteen hour days followed. Hale's childhood friend Jeff Merritt drove each day from La Plata to work by his side.

This is a story about a dedicated board member and volunteer who has made a difference in many CMR lives. Nancy Gray has served on CMR's Board of Directors since 2005. After retiring in 2012 from the accounting industry, Nancy wanted to get more involved with CMR and our Elderly Ministries (EM) program. She became a "friendly visitor" to one of our EM clients. Originally our Program Director paired Nancy with Mrs. W. They developed a strong relationship that continues even now that Mrs.