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Elderly Ministries

CMR’s Elderly Ministries Program provides a wide range of services for low to moderate income senior residents so that they can remain in their homes as they age and prevent premature institutionalization. Services provided include weekly homemaker service, case management, support service and goods and minor home repair and modification.

Home Care Program

Case Management, homemaker service, and other support services are provided to help seniors remain in their homes comfortably. Seniors and disabled adults receive two to four hours of weekly homemaker service from certified aides who help with cleaning, laundry, and personal care.  Free goods and services such as food, bathroom equipment and assistive devices help our clients meet basic needs and remain independent.  Volunteers telephone our seniors weekly and assist in other ways.


  • City of Rockville Resident
  • Age 60 or older for seniors; age 50 or above for disabled adults
  • Lives alone or with someone also in need of care
  • Upper Income Limits for Households: $52,813; Upper Income Limits for One Person: $48,318.

"Very good job and I really can use all their efforts I’m grateful Thank you. I appreciate all you do as I can’t hardly do much!."
—Rockville resident

Safe and Habitable Home Project

Our volunteers and contractors perform a wide range of services such as plumbing and electrical repairs, replacement of deteriorating structures, and inspection, repair and replacement of furnaces and appliances.  We also install safety devices such as railings, grab bars, hand-held shower nozzles, and provide bathroom equipment.


  • City of Rockville Resident
  • Generally, age 62 or older for seniors; adults of any age with disabilities, or adults with disabled relatives in residence
  • Generally, must own and reside in your home, although renters may be considered

"The grab bars in the bathroom and the high seated toilet have been a huge help to me. I am eighty six years old and live alone. With this kind of helpers, I should be able to live independently longer and better too. These things have made a big difference to me in my ability to function."
—Rockville resident


Andrea Rogers, Director
Phone: 301-637-0171
FAX: 301-637-0739