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Agnes Saenz will testify on behalf of the Rockville Caregivers Coalition before the City of Rockville Council at the budget hearing on Monday, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. at 111 Maryland Avenue. The coalition is made up of 26 nonprofit groups providing care to those in need. The agencies submitted funding requests totaling $717,076 for FY15. The city budget office is recommending a total of $580,000. As a reference, the budget allocation to the caregiver agencies is $606,000 for FY14.

In testifying, Agnes has two goals:

Thank you to all our friends and supporters who joined us at our Annual Gala, "A Celebration of Our Services" on Saturday night. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you to Catherine Leggett for being such a gracious chair of the event and for lending her personal touch to make the evening such a success. The Celebration exceeded our expectations both in record attendance (258) and funds earned of $125,000! Our staff, our Board and clients all thank each of you who made the night possible.

Save money and support local businesses and CMR. Rockville Rewards cards are now $10 and are good through August 31, 2014. You can earn your money back immediately by using your card at any one of the 100 participating local restaurants. Find out where you can use this card at Rockville Rewards. To buy a card, just call CMR at 301-637-0730, and we will put one in the mail to you!

CMR's Language Outreach Program offers two sessions of Citizenship Classes every year. Each are a month long. It is a rigorous program, four days a week, three hours at a time. Students are taught the materials necessary to master the exam to become a US Citizen. Our staff also helps students prepare and submit their applications. At the end of each session, the class has an informal ceremony and friends and family are invited for a pot luck supper.

The finishing touches on our new house for homeless women are just being completed and will be ready for its new residents. Our office is filled with donations that have been sent to fill the rooms and make the house a home. And our Board has selected a name that will replace what we have been calling "Our House." A simple name but one that is meant to recognize the neighborhood in which we are located and the community in which we will soon be a member - Rockland House.

Our second permanent supportive house will be open to five previously homeless women in April. CMR has received many wonderful donations to make this house a home! Thank you to all of you who have been so kind. Every donation has been truly appreciated.

Leadership Montgomery Class of 1998 is completely furnishing the kitchen of CMR's new house for homeless women. From tea towels to kitchen table . . . we can't thank you enough!

Community Ministries of Rockville is happy to share that we have just purchased a new house in Rockville which will be used as a personal living quarters for women. You can be a cash sponsor ($5,000 for the house, $2,000 for a living area, or $1,000 for a room) or make a donation of needed items. We are looking for donations of the following furnishings for the house: Furniture for the living room and five bedrooms, towels and linens for two bathrooms and five bedrooms, and small appliances, dishes, cutlery etc. for the kitchen.

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