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FY16 Volunteer Reception

On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, CMR once again honored our Fiscal Year 2016 volunteers at the annual CMR Volunteer Reception. Montgomery Community Media was there to speak with our volunteers, leaders and supporters. See the video and read the piece written by Mitti Hicks here.

Montgomery County Council President Roger Berliner presented a certificate the CMR's Board Chair, Amy Soldavini, and Executive Director, Agnes Saenz, commemorating CMR's 50 years of service to the community and the good works of our volunteers. The keynote address was given by Mansfield "Kasey" Kaseman, Former CMR Executive Director, and current Interfaith Liaison for Montgomery County's Office of Community Partnership. Rev. Kaseman interwove information about CMR's history with anecdotes about the work of volunteers in building the organization. A moving invocation was provided by Rev. Vera McKoy of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, a congregation that has long supported CMR's works.

Volunteers who served during FY 2016 and were present at the Reception received a certificate in recognition of the tremendous impact their service makes on CMR programs. In addition, one special volunteer from each program is honored with a Volunteer of the Year plaque. This year those honors were bestowed upon Deborah Moore with Elderly Ministries Program, Gerald Rich, Jr. with Housing Program. Mary Belknap with Language Outreach Program, Andy Jordan with Kaseman Health Clinic, Linda Rhoads with Rockville Emergency Assistance Program, Gail Sherman and Pat Shultz with CMR general assistance.

Length of Service awards were also given to three staff members this year: Thanya Castro for 5 years of service, Odeth Berlin celebrating 10 years of service, and Jody Eccleston for 20 years as a CMR employee.

Stories of Success

Success Stories
Thanya Castro, in her own words at a recent Language Outreach Graduation.