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DC Baptist Convention Helps Repair Elderly Ministries Client Homes

The Baptists are coming! Actually, they were here July 9 – 16, making repairs to the homes of Elderly Ministries clients. In partnership with MissionServe, the District of Columbia Baptist Convention hosted church groups from around the country who spent a week completing volunteer projects throughout the DC region. CMR’s Elderly Ministries Program applied for projects at the homes of three of our EM clients and all three were chosen to be included in the 17 projects MissionServe performed this year.

Mrs. R’s home had a porch roof with very little pitch which was allowing water to leak into the home and cause internal damage. A crew of 12 adults and teens rebuilt the porch roof, correcting the pitch, and replaced damaged lumber. The crew served Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and took Wednesday to see a few of the famous Washington, D.C. sites.

Mr. Suses a cane to more comfortably get around. A ramp at the entrance to his home was in danger of collapse. Ten volunteers, most of whom were teens, rebuilt the ramp, cleaned up and replaced landscaping for safety and beauty, and repaired and painted exterior damage to the house.

The porch on Mr. I’s home had a water damaged roof that would soon be in danger of collapse. A team of ten teens and adults were joined by a MissionServe project manager and a crew leader. They spent four days repairing the damage, securing the roof beams to the house, and re-shingling, powerwashing, repairing and painting the porch, and cutting back overgrowth on the side of the house. CMR supporters and volunteers jumped in to provide lunch to the crew on short notice when CMR was told this crew did not have a church designated to support them at the building site.

All three crews brought their own materials and tools to complete the work. Elderly Ministries Program Director Andrea Rogers remarked that all three senior clients were very pleased with the work, and the crews were joyful in their work as well as very respectful of her clients. The value of these three projects in hours and materials is immense

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