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CMR now Community Reach of Montgomery County!

On Saturday, April 27, at CMR's Annual Gala, CMR Board President Paul Love and CMR Executive Director Agnes Saenz unveiled our new name - Community Reach of Montgomery County! This change has been several years in the making and occurred with input from the Board, key stakeholders and faith supporters. Community Ministries of Rockville has served us well for many years and was an accurate description of who we were and the world in which we lived. The new name better reflects current times, and the services we provide to our constituents who come for all over Montgomery County. It more clearly reflects our mission and about how we serve our community. It reflects the ways we have grown over the past 52 years.

Our mission and programs are not changing. CMR board, staff and partners are passionate about that mission and the people we serve. We will continue to provide healthcare for the uninsured and under-insured; housing for previously homeless individuals; financial emergency assistance; education for immigrants; and eldercare. We look forward to your continued support under our new name and hope you will also be excited about the opportunities to forge additional partnerships that this change offers us.

Stories of Success

Success Stories
Mr. H. and his wife came to us fifteen years ago when his wife was 84 and he 60. His wife did not have Social Security or Medicare, so Mr. Herbert’s work provided the needed medical insurance.

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