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REAP Makes Journey Easier For Single Mother

Ms. K is a divorced mother with two young children who, as a result of a financial crisis, could not pay her rent and other household bills. Ms. K who only works a part-time job and receives child support, came to Community Ministries of Rockville struggling financially and seeking assistance. Although not a City of Rockville resident, REAP assisted Ms. K using non-city funding to stop the eviction so that she and her children could stay in their home. Ms. K was then able to pay her overdue household bills and personal expenses herself.

REAP also referred Ms. K. to the free financial workshops that the City of Rockville offers every month to improve her money management skills. She also attends employment counseling and is currently seeking full time employment. Additionally, Ms. K and her daughters have been referred to the holiday program and received a holiday food basket as well as toys for her children.

In our client survey, Ms. K wrote,

“I hope you know that your efforts serve to make my journey a bit easier. I don’t know how I would have gotten this far without the help of the Rockville Emergency Assistance Program.”

Stories of Success

Success Stories
Mr. H. and his wife came to us fifteen years ago when his wife was 84 and he 60. His wife did not have Social Security or Medicare, so Mr. Herbert’s work provided the needed medical insurance.