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The Jefferson House & Sam's Story

The Jefferson House has been Sam’s home for fourteen years. At the time of his arrival, he had just completed the rehabilitation program at Chase Partnership House. The program at Chase had helped Sam cope with his addiction to alcohol. The Jefferson House staff recognized that Sam suffered from anxiety disorders which posed a threat to his sobriety. Once his anxiety problems were identified, the case managers worked closely with Sam, monitoring his behavior and helping him develop his daily living skills.

Sam has maintained his sobriety since his move to the Jefferson House. He has proudly remained employed and has pays his rent every month. As the most long term resident of the program, Sam has assumed a leadership role at the Jefferson House. Sam knows that living independently isn’t not yet an option for him but he frequently acknowledges that, “Without the Jefferson House, I would probably be dead somewhere.”

Stories of Success

Success Stories
Mr. H. and his wife came to us fifteen years ago when his wife was 84 and he 60. His wife did not have Social Security or Medicare, so Mr. Herbert’s work provided the needed medical insurance.