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Elderly Ministries Brings Family Together

Mr. H. and his wife came to us fifteen years ago when his wife was 84 and he 60. His wife did not have Social Security or Medicare, so Mr. Herbert’s work provided the needed medical insurance. Mrs. H had recently suffered a stroke and Elderly Ministries began personal care and light housecleaning to relieve Mr. H’s burden. A volunteer phoned weekly to touch base and check satisfaction with homemaker service.

In 2003, Mr. H became an Elderly Ministries client himself client when his wife of 31 years passed away. We continued housekeeping and he continued to work but his lung disease became so severe in 2008 that he had to quit work. We provided groceries to supplement his income and emergency response service to ease his mind. Mr. H shopped and cooked for himself but had few other activities.

A self-described loner, his only family was a stepson and wife who lived in Baltimore. Their relationship was wonderful, more like peers than father-son. When the couple moved to Florida, they began urging Mr. Herbert to move to Florida to be near them.

As his health worsened Mr. H considered moving to a near-by high-rise apartment. His stepson asked us to put in a favorable word about Florida. We suggested that he apply for senior housing for Mr. H and we reminded Mr. H about his stepson’s desire and regard for him. When we next visited, Mr. H had begun packing but was anxious about the move and the trip since he had never traveled.

During the move, we provided emotional and practical support. Finally, we transported Mr. H and his car to the auto-train and found a congenial passenger to show him the ropes. When he arrived, his family met and welcomed him. He has now celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and his 76th birthday with family, not alone.

Stories of Success

Success Stories
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