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Success Stories

Mr. H. and his wife came to us fifteen years ago when his wife was 84 and he 60. His wife did not have Social Security or Medicare, so Mr. Herbert’s work provided the needed medical insurance. Mrs. H had recently suffered a stroke and Elderly Ministries began personal care and light housecleaning to relieve Mr. H’s burden. A volunteer phoned weekly to touch base and check satisfaction with homemaker service.

Mrs. B was referred to Elderly Ministries by her community’s senior center in mid 2009 when she was in her early 60’s. She had been working toward an advanced degree and looked forward to a new career but an accident lead to her eventual retirement on disability. At referral, Mrs. B suffered extreme pain, anxiety, and depression in addition to asthma, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Her many medications included Percocet and morphine.

The Jefferson House has been Sam’s home for fourteen years. At the time of his arrival, he had just completed the rehabilitation program at Chase Partnership House. The program at Chase had helped Sam cope with his addiction to alcohol. The Jefferson House staff recognized that Sam suffered from anxiety disorders which posed a threat to his sobriety.

Ms. K is a divorced mother with two young children who, as a result of a financial crisis, could not pay her rent and other household bills. Ms. K who only works a part-time job and receives child support, came to Community Ministries of Rockville struggling financially and seeking assistance. Although not a City of Rockville resident, REAP assisted Ms. K using non-city funding to stop the eviction so that she and her children could stay in their home. Ms.

Mr. W lives in Rockville, Maryland and works part-time as a kitchen manager for Montgomery County Public Schools. He is a single father of six-year-old Margaret. He came to Rockville Emergency Assistance Program of Community Ministries of Rockville looking for help and guidance after his fiancée and daughter’s mother suddenly passed away.